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On the advantages of coating equipment

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Coating is an important link in the surface manufacturing process of construction machinery products. Antirust and anticorrosive coating quality is one of the important aspects of the overall quality of products. Product appearance quality not only reflects product protection and decoration performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value. And coating equipment is a crucial part of the whole coating process. The main coating equipment includes surface pretreatment equipment, coating equipment, coating drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

Coating refers to the products processed from metal, plastic, wood and other materials, with the surface covered with protective layer or decorative layer. With the development of industrial technology, the development of coating technology and equipment in China has gone through the development process from manual to mechanical equipment to automatic production line. The coating process is generally: pretreatment, grinding → coating → leveling → drying or solidification → three wastes treatment. Coating equipment is the mechanical equipment used to complete the coating process.

Before coating equipment is installed, its staff need to thoroughly clean the spraying machine before coating, so as to make it in a normal state. In addition, check whether the paint spray gun produces an ideal spray shape. Note: the ideal spray should be symmetrical, evenly atomized, and the edge is clear. The coating effect of the coating equipment depends on the setting of each component. Therefore, the staff should pay attention to the overall setting of the high-pressure airless spraying machine before coating to obtain the coating meeting the quality requirements, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also improve the coating quality.


Advantages of coating equipment:

1. Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of coating, reduce waste, and make the coating process more environmental and green.

2. Numerical control automation, simple operation and double efficiency.

3. The mode of streamline operation is constantly promoted.

4. Application of high and new technology.

5. Develop flexible and integrated coating production system.

6. Safe and pollution-free coating production system.

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