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Precautions for painting equipment

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Establish coating production line: first, determine the production program, complete the process design and scheme planning, and then carry out the design, manufacturing and installation of non-standard equipment. Therefore, process design and scheme planning are the basis of establishing production line. Correct and reasonable route will have a decisive impact on production operation and product quality. The content of process design mainly includes: pretreatment method of surface coating quality requirements of workpieces, coating method, process flow, coating performance, spraying environment, time, etc.

General coating equipment should be cleaned, tightened, adjusted, smooth and anticorrosive. And the maintenance of coating machinery and equipment also has maintenance manual and precautions. Besides these maintenance work, what else should we pay attention to?


For some coating equipment that can be regularly maintained, it is necessary to carry out corresponding regular maintenance according to the maintenance requirements of various mechanical equipment after reaching the specified operation hours or the specified distance. The regular maintenance is divided into:

First level maintenance: the key work content is to smooth, tighten and check all relevant parts as well as clean the "three filters" (i.e. maintenance of clean air, oil, fuel filter, etc.).

Second level maintenance: the key point is to check and adjust. The specific content is to check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission mechanism, steering and braking mechanism, operation device, hydraulic system, electrical system and other operation conditions, and make necessary adjustments to eliminate the found problems, so as to ensure that the mechanical assemblies and parts have good operation performance.

Three level maintenance: the key point is to detect, adjust, eliminate the hidden trouble and balance the wear degree of each part. It is necessary to check the parts that affect the use performance and the parts that have problems and omens, and then carry out the necessary replacement, adjustment, troubleshooting and other operations.

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