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Development trend of powder coating equipment

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Powder coating equipment is a popular equipment in the current assembly line market. The seven major components of the coating assembly line include: pre-treatment punishment equipment, powder spraying system, painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, hanging transport chain, etc. It is applicable to the punishment of painting and plastic spraying on the appearance of workpieces. It is mainly used for the painting of single or small batch of workpieces. It is used to hang the conveyor, electric rail trolley, ground conveyor and other transport machines together to form transport operations.

In recent years, among thousands of coating assembly line equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, the planned manufacturing level of department enterprises is overwhelming at home, and the whole industry is booming. However, due to the promotion of steel cost, the profit space of coating assembly line equipment manufacturing industry with large steel utilization is narrowed, and some enterprises quote too low in the disordered competition, which is not normal The cost of manufacturing can not meet the requirements of equipment, so as to produce products with unfair plans, poor quality of supporting parts and poor quality of materials.


Powder coating equipment science and technology continue to develop, new technology, new materials, new processes continue to emerge. The development of electronic technology, numerical control technology, laser technology, microwave technology and high-voltage electrostatic technology has brought new vitality to the automation, flexibility, intelligence and integration of coating equipment, increasing the variety of machine tools and improving the technical level. In a word, its development trend is as follows:

1. Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of coating, reduce waste, and make the coating process more environmental and green.

2. Numerical control automation, simple operation and double efficiency.

3. The mode of streamline operation is constantly promoted.

4. Application of high and new technology.

5. Develop flexible and integrated coating production system.

6. Safe and pollution-free coating production system.

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