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Safe use of painting equipment

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Coating equipment industry really originated from the introduction of Soviet technology in the 1950s. Since the 1960s, due to the development of light industry, there has been an automatic production line in the bicycle manufacturing industry. During this period, the main task of China's coating industry is mainly anti-corrosion. However, with the development of China's economy and the development of coating technology in foreign countries, the coating technology in China has developed rapidly through technology introduction and exchange with foreign countries. In the aspect of coating automation production, the promotion and application of electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic coating technology, the development and promotion of powder spraying technology, especially in home appliance industry, daily hardware, steel furniture, aluminum components, etc With the rapid development of electrical products, automobile industry and other fields, the coating equipment has made obvious progress and considerable development.

In the working process of coating equipment, it mainly refers to the special tools that can replace artificial with intelligent to cover the protective layer or decorative layer on the metal or non-metal surface. High pressure airless spraying machine is a big classification of automatic spraying equipment. As the name suggests, airless spraying machine has more advantages than traditional spraying machine, no matter it is a large painting operation or a small painting operation Industry, on the spraying machine painting quality requirements are very high, how to brush a high-quality effect?


Safe use of coating equipment:

1、 The equipment operators must be familiar with the structure, performance, operation and maintenance methods of various machines, and be responsible for the use of special personnel.

2、 During the operation of woodworking machinery, work clothes shall be worn and sleeves shall be tied tightly. Female comrades shall wear work caps and braids shall be put into the caps. Gloves, scarves and other operations are not allowed.

3、 Before the machine starts to work, it must be tested first, and the components can start to work only after they are in normal operation.

4、 In case of any abnormal condition or other fault during the mechanical operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately and the machine shall be stopped for maintenance.

5、 The shaft, chain, pulley, belt and other running parts of the equipment shall be equipped with protective covers and plates.

6、 When debugging and maintaining the equipment, the main power must be cut off.

When we operate and use automatic coating equipment, safety is also our focus. Any machine has its own characteristics and unique operation mode. Then the safety index will be different, and the safety operation essentials will be different, so the safety use methods mentioned above hope that you can remember the main points in the process of using automatic coating equipment, so as to avoid losses.

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