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How to choose the spray gun of coating equipment industry correctly

2019-12-24 10:23:32 Website Name Read

There are many different types of spray guns in the coating equipment industry, so how to choose the right one to make the effect better. First of all, we need to know what types of coating equipment are: air spray gun; it is a relatively simple spraying, even though it has been designed and produced for a long time, it is still widely used now, mainly because of its low price and convenient operation, which are its advantages, but its disadvantages are also obvious. First, the paint utilization rate is low, the cost is higher and the environmental pollution is more serious. Second, it is a relatively simple spraying The spraying effect is not very good and the use of many coatings can no longer use air spray guns.


Electrostatic spray gun:

It can be combined with air and air mixture spraying, and their advantages can be integrated into a new spraying method. There will be an electrostatic field between the grounded workpiece and the electrostatic spray gun, and the coating particles will be adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece under the action of the electric field. Its advantage is that it can save the coating, such as the rotor electrostatic spray gun of kiss coating can save 60% - 90% of the coating, and the spraying plate and other objects do not dot, but the large investment is also a disadvantage of it.

Rotating cup electrostatic spray gun:

There are many kinds of spray guns for coating equipment. What kind of coating equipment is suitable for depends on the type of coating and spraying objects, so if you want to choose a better one, you need to be careful.

In the use of spraying equipment, spray gun is an essential electrostatic spraying equipment, how to choose a suitable spraying equipment is also one of our knowledge. According to the basic physical principle of electrostatic spraying equipment, we can know that when the charging elegance exceeds a certain value, it will intensify the anti ionization effect and affect the powder loading rate. High electrostatic elegance is easy to cause the phenomenon of firing at the gun tip, leaving pinholes on the surface, resulting in poor apparent quality. The phenomenon of high pressure ignition will also increase the phenomenon of dust combustion in the powder spraying room. In the long-term work, the powder loading rate of the spray gun is determined by the electrostatic performance and the powder discharging state, and only the power plant strength and the powder discharging rate can be used. The spray gun with excellent performance is developed according to the ratio of electric field strength and powder output, which not only eliminates unnecessary waste, but also makes the powder state uniform and perfect, and improves the efficiency and effect of use.

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